Q. What is the Healthiest Helper?


  1. Healthiest is a FREE chrome browser extension, also known as a chrome plugin,  that seamlessly integrates with Amazon and instantly offers the user a  healthier alternative for the product they are searching for. It also allows users (without leaving Amazon) to search a database of healthiest approved products - from dog food to protein shakes, to dish soap and more.  Install in just seconds from the chrome store and shop an Amazon just like you always do. Happy Shopping!


Q. Who are you and why should I trust Healthiest?

  1. We started our company to make it free and easy for consumers to shop for healthier products and make smarter purchasing choices. You don’t need to spend hours researching the brands or read labels, because our team of experts does it for you. Nothing gets the healthiest stamp of approval without being without being strictly vetted and carefully curated. As an example, have a glance at our blog outlining the quest for the healthiest, most efficient calcium supplement on the market and we’ll walk you through the process: Why not all calcium is created equal.

Q. What makes a product Healthiest?

  1. Good question! We start with a list of 1500 harsh and harmful chemicals (see the list here) and ingredients that have been known and linked to a disease that we simply won't allow in any product we recommend. We work with our team of experts to review and analyze ingredients, interview vendors, evaluate user reviews and scrutinize sourcing to bring you the most chemical-free, non-toxic and sustainable products. We require brands to provide transparency in their ingredients, marketing claims, and manufacturing processes.

We also look at what kind of quality control do they employ to assure safety and efficacy of the final product? For each category, we have numerous different criteria that we find critical to research. For example, what makes a healthy shampoo may be very different from healthy dog food, cereal or baby onesie.  Each product category deserves and requires its own careful review and set of criteria. And that is what we do best!

Q. What is Healthiest’s mission?

  1. Our mission is to help consumers live a vibrant & healthy life and make it very easy.  In a world full of marketing messages, confusing slogans, and overwhelming choices, it is nearly impossible to know what you are putting in and on your bodies!  We only give our stamp of approval to non-toxic products that are also effective and cost-efficient. We're tired of shady marketing messages selling us "healthy" products when they are far from it and neglect to inform on ingredients that are linked to cancer, eczema, hormone disruption, and diabetes (think Snackwells craze back in the '90s), just to name a few. But fear not. There are thousands of great brands that have our passion and standards for healthy consumer goods, and it’s our pleasure to share them with you.

Q. What is the healthiest “No Thanks” list and why is it important?

  1. The No Thanks list is a robust catelog of ingredients that you will never find in Healthiest Approved Products. These ingredients include harmful chemicals that are unnecessary and dangerous in products you put in and on your body.  They include things like; BPA, aspartame (Artificial sweetener), PABA and thousands more. We’ve done the research for you and vetted hundreds of thousands of products to ensure they are the healthiest for you and your family.

Q. Besides the “No Thanks” list what other criteria do brands have to meet to be approved by Healthiest?

  1. Non-GMO, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Phthalate Free, free from artificial colors, flavors, fragrances and MOST importantly the product has to be effective and do what it says it does.

Q. What else should I know about Healthiest’s standards?

  1. We look for brands that meet or exceed the highest standards. These include USDA Organic, GOTS Certified (Textiles), NSA certified, cGMP labs (supplements), Non-GMO Project Verified, QAI Organic Certification, NSF certified (water), Rainforest Alliance, CCOF and Oregon Tilth Organic certification.

Q. Why is it important to make healthier shopping choices?

  1. By supporting companies committed to doing the right thing, we can make a real difference. Using our purchasing power is the most effective way to get the big guys to take notice and force them to stop adding dangerous chemicals to their products. Did you know that the average woman uses 160+ chemicals in her personal care in just one day! And much of what we put on our skin is absorbed directly into our bodies.

Q. How does healthiest save me time?

  1. Have you ever asked yourself “is this brand trustworthy” and “do they make a healthy product?” With Healthiest, it is no longer necessary to read labels or spend time trying to determine if the marketing claims are legitimate and if the product reviews are real. You could spend days researching the nuances of hundreds of brands or, you could let us do it for you :)

Q. How does Healthiest make money?

We may receive an affiliate commission from Amazon if you purchase a product we recommend. These commissions don’t cost you anything, but they allow us to keep Healthiest ad-free. We NEVER accept payment or compensation for a brand or product to be Healthiest approved.

Q. Can a manufacturer or retailer pay to be recommended or approved by Healthiest?

  1. Absolutely not! Healthiest does not accept payment of any kind for our stamp of approval.

Q. Is your extension/plugin live and can I download it?  


  1. Yes! Click here to download the live (beta) version! We are live on the Chrome App. store and you can shop with us right now on Amazon using your chrome browser.  We will soon launch with Safari/Mozilla and on other major retailers (Target & Walmart) and have a standalone app in the works. If you become a beta user please email us any and all feedback at hello@healthiest.io so we can make Healthiest the best it can be for the whole community.

Q.  Who can use it?


  1. Anyone using a chrome browser on their desktop or laptop (not mobile at this time). Any user that downloads the extension (free in the chrome app store) can automatically start shopping just like normal on Amazon.

Q. I have a great product I would like to submit that I think will meet healthiest’s strict standards, what should I do?

  1. Great! We love our community to get involved and let us know their favorite products.  Please send any product or brand suggestions to hello@healthiest.io and our team will evaluate your suggestion and get back to you.

Q. Can you tell me more about your team of experts?

  1. Absolutely! We are excited such an amazing and qualified group of people have joined team Healthiest. Please see more about our team here.

Q. Do I have to pay to use your extension?

  1. No, the Healthiest Helper is absolutely free.

Q. What do customers say about healthiest?

  1. I used to spend time reading labels and combing through customer reviews trying to find the best products for my family. It was so time consuming and confusing. I am so grateful to have found Healthiest. I can’t describe how much easier it makes my shopping experience. No family should be without it.

  • JED T.


Q.Does Healthiest protect my privacy?

  1. Absolutely! We do not share or sell any of your contact information. We do not track your personal browsing history.

Q. Is the information I provide Healthiest confidential?

  1. Yes.

Q. Do you sell or trade email lists and names?

  1. Absolutely not.  When you join the Healthiest family we keep your information safe.

Company Questions

Q. Where is Healthiest located?

  1. Healthiest is based in lovely San Francisco.

Q. Do you have a blog?

  1. Indeed we do!  Follow the Healthiest blog here.

Q. Where does your scientific research come from?

  1. We work with PHD’s, Integrative MD’s, and Holistic Practitioners to bring the most up-to-date research and information to help support our product recommendations.

Q.  Are you a public company?

  1. Healthiest is a privately held company.




Q.  What should I do if I am having trouble with the chrome extension/plugin?

  1. Check to make sure that you’re using the most updated version of your browser.  If you’re using an outdated version, try upgrading to the most recent version of chrome.

Still not working?  Please contact our team immediately at hello@healthiest.io and include, “technical problem” in the subject line and we’ll get right back to you.


Q. Will your extension slow down or negatively affect my computer in any way?


  1. No. Any potential impact on the time it takes your page to load will not be noticeable.


One Last Thing

Q. Anything Else?

  1. Yes! Constant Improvement. We are always improving and striving to do better. We are committed to finding and evaluating new and existing research to continuously do better. If you have input, questions, or comments write or text - we want to hear from you.  Email us at hello@healthiest.io anytime!