How to use Castor Oil for Hair Growth: 6 Beneficial Ways To Lengthen Your Tresses

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The very oil that our grandparents would use religiously back in the day is becoming popular again as a hair growth miracle.

Castor oils anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties makes it an attractive option for those desiring healthy, long tresses. In fact, a study completed by Waki et al.  also hints that castor oil can increase hair luster and decrease breakage.

In this article, you will learn the various ways that castor oil is used to promote hair growth. If you’ve been suffering from hair loss, dry scalp, split ends and more, then this article is for you.

We’ll explain why this ancient beauty treatment will never go out of style and how implementing this into your hair routine will give you locks you’ll love!

What is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is a vegetable oil that comes from the castor bean, also known as Ricinus communis. It's considered a triglyceride fatty acid and contains a rare compound called ricinoleic acid.

The ricinoleic acid is essentially unsaturated omega-9 fatty acid and hydroxy acid, which is said to increase the production of prostaglandin E2.

A study found that scalp tissue with high levels of prostaglandin E2 had healthy hair growth. On the contrary, areas of the scalp that were balding had lower levels of prostaglandin E2.

Lastly, this vegetable oil contains vitamin E, which is well-known for being extremely beneficial to skin and hair growth.

History of Castor Oil Use

While it's easy for many to remember taking castor oil under the instructions of their grandparents, its use actually dates back thousands of years.

According to, castor beans have been found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 4000 BC. Based on an Egyptian medical text from 1500 BC, castor oil was used by doctors to to protect the eyes from irritation.

Castor oil expanded to the United States and became heavily used by traveling medicine men. Physicians used it to treat their patients suffering from heartburn and constipation. Today, it is still heavily used as a laxative.

It's unknown when people began actually using castor oil for hair use, but what is known is its increased popularity.

For example, castor oil was used in 769 cosmetic products during a time of analysis in 2002! It is often used in lipstick and can be found under the name Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil on ingredient labels.

Benefits of Castor Oil For Hair

There is more to hair growth than simply increasing the rate that your hair grows. One must also pay close attention to the health of the scalp, unnecessary breakage, and the strength of your hair. We're going to cover 6 ways that castor oil is beneficial to your hair.

Improves Follicle Health

As previously mentioned, the ricinoleic acid is a very important component of castor oil and contributes to creating healthy hair. This rare compound can improve the blood circulation to your scalp, which reduces hair fall-out.

This nourishment to the scalp essentially strengthens the roots of your hair. Castor oil also provides protection from microbes due its antibacterial properties.

Gets Rid of Dandruff

If you're ready to get rid of those small pieces of dead skin in your scalp, then castor oil is a great solution. Contrary to popular belief, dandruff has nothing to do with hygiene and everything to do with the body's response to yeast.

So, if you've been washing your hair triple time and haven't seen any improvement, then that's why.

Castor oil helps to balance the pH level of the scalp, which makes it difficult for dandruff to occur. The omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E moisturizes the scalp and reduces that annoying itchiness.

The omega-9 fatty acids also moisturizes the scalp by acting as a humectant, additionally helping to stave off  dryness.

A Reliable Hair Protector

If you're in the sun often, using dyes, and use a ton of hair products, then castor oil should be a part of your routine. The omega-9s and omega-6s in castor oil provides a protective layer to the hair that protects it from harsh chemicals.

It also restores the natural oils found in your scalp that naturally provides protection from the sun and hair products.

Stops Those Pesky Split Ends

Split ends is a sign of unhealthy hair and could be a reason why your tresses are growing, but not retaining length. Stop split ends and hair breakage by massaging castor oil into your scalp a few hours before you wash your hair.

The fatty acids and vitamin E will assist in smoothing out those harsh hair cuticles and increases the overall strength of your hair. Castor oil also fills in the damaged gaps of keratin in the hair shaft.

As a natural conditioner, castor oil will give individuals a tamed mane, frizz-free hair, and fewer split ends.

Thicker, Healthier Hair

Naturally, the increased hair growth and decreased hair fallout will create thick and healthy hair. As previously mentioned, castor oil helps strengthen the hair follicles and protects our hair from dangerous chemicals, leading to a  much fuller mane.

Shiny, Luxurious Hair

If your hair looks dull and could benefit from a little luster, then castor oil is a great choice. As previously mentioned, a study showed that using castor oil in hair promotes luster and reduces hair stiffness. The elements in castor oil imitate the function of modified silicone oils to maintain luster.

The Different Types of Castor Oil For Hair Growth

There are actually several different types of castor oil, but some are better for the hair than others. We'll explore two popular types below.

Cold-Pressed Castor Oil

Historically, cold-pressed castor oil has been the most popular type of castor oil for hair. It has the greatest concentration of nutrients. Because it's so pure, you may find that it feels sticky and thick in your hair, which is why it should be used with other oils.

This type of castor oil is said to strengthen the hair shaft, nourish the roots, and give you tangle-free hair. If you're looking to regrow your hair and prevent hair loss, then cold-pressed castor oil is the way to go.

Unrefined and hexane-free are other names to look for when searching for cold-pressed castor oil.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

This type of castor oil is gaining much popularity to date and can be found in leave-in conditioners, shampoos, hair masques, and more!

Jamaican black castor oil contains ash, which is said to be more effective than other castor oils. If you have thick and/or dry hair, then Jamaican black castor oil may be a better option for you.

Making Castor Oil A Part Of Your Hair Growth Routine

Now that you know the many different benefits that castor oil offers and the types of castor oil most beneficial for hair, it's time to consider how it can become a part of your hair growth routine.

For Hair Loss

If you're trying to regrow your hair after suffering from hair loss, try using ginger juice and castor oil 2-3 times per week. All you have to do is add castor oil to a bowl and mix 1-2 tablespoons of ginger juice.

Mix the ingredients and apply to the scalp, then add it to your hair. Allow the mixture to stay in your hair for approximately 25 minutes and then wash it off with an herbal shampoo.

For Issues With Dandruff

For those dealing with dandruff, consider using a mixture of castor oil, tea tree oil, and aloe vera gel. You'll want to add a generous amount of castor oil to a bowl, followed by 2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel and 2 drops of tea tree oil.

Add the mixture to the scalp and allow it to sit for 40 minutes. Wash your hair with an herbal shampoo after allowing it to sit.

Key Takeaways

To get the most of out of castor oil, try using it with different oils, such as almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and sesame oil. Between washing your hair, add and massage castor oil to your scalp to increase blood circulation and promote hair growth.

If you're looking to grow your hair long and healthy, then don't leave castor oil out of your hair growth routine. It's a safe and natural option that has been used for centuries!